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Big Creek WildlifeLodge, Resort and Conference Center

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Overnight cabin and lodge rental.

Weddings, anniversaries, banquets, parties, receptions, reunions, family and community gatherings, and more.

Network with us on Facebook; check-out our photo gallery.

Welcome to Big Creek Wildlife Lodge, Resort and Conference Center.

Maps and driving directions to Big Creek Wildlife, 75 Malone Road, Hattiesburg, MS 39402, Lamar County.

Fees and deposits for your special event along with terms of use.

Professional affairs
Professional and corporate events, conferences, meetings, retreats, and seminars.

Book an event date, request accommodations or a tour, or send inquiries online.

Support services for successful gatherings; supplemental links included.

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Big Creek Wildlife
75 Malone Road
Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39402 [USA]
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